JR (28/06/90 / Sheffield)

Temptation Awaits

Temptation Awaits

Nowhere to breathe
Nowhere to explore
Prisoner by these hellish walls
Slave by these harsh words
Cannot escape
Cannot Live
Trapped by my own foolishness
Betrayed by my own cleverness
Cannot speak
Cannot imagine
God pull me from this land
Bless me with life so I can forgive
Those whose cruel ways tempt me
Give me the light so I can venture from dark
For it is near
Giving up is all I do
Cannot pray
Cannot hope

by jodi right

Comments (3)

This could be a psalm straight from the pen of David or Solomon. You have a gift Jodi. Keep using it.
Very religious in tone
your poems give us thought and this one certainly touched me...thanks for the gift of your words