CB (05/23 / Illinois)


The chocolate that’s calling your name,
flirting with someone on the train.
Your friends offering you a smoke
or the forbidden snort of coke.

You’re not misbehavin’
but having serious cravins.
What is the sensation
that’s your strongest temptation?

Obstacles that test your will,
until you’ve had your fill.
Can you ever draw the line, or
do you indulge until you lose your mind.
Can you just say no or
do you have to go to the place where the addicted go.

Some say that it’s the devil,
that makes you revel
in the sin of over indulgence.
Others believe for a fact,
it’s power you lack or the will to fight back.

Adam and Eve were even
rebuked and banished from Eden,
when they tasted of the forbidden fruit
and hid because shame urged them to.

Cities and people have fallen
when giving in to temptations callin’.
Without strong will or discipline,
there’s no sure way that you can win.

A constant struggle and fight
is what will make things right,
‘cause no matter where you go or do
temptations are all around you.

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