The Last Kiss

The last kiss
Saved for last
When I pass away
Through the light
That’s waiting for me

The light is bright
I hear people
Calling me
Waiting for my time to come
Waiting for you to let me go

My last kiss
Will not be your last
It’s my time to go
Not yours to pray
Please don’t follow me this time

The last kiss
You gave me
I feel again and
I didn’t want to go

Holding my hand
I hear a soft whisper
“I love you please don’t leave me.”
But passing this light
But it won’t let me go through

The lovely guy that I once known changed
His heart let go and grew wings
The last kiss of mine
Was from my lovers lips again

The last kiss
Of my eternity
Never leaving
My lover’s lips from mine
My last kiss gone forever

by Tin Mouse

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