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KR (29/08/1988 / London, England)


Poem By Kaspa Richards

Blew my chance all them years back a regret I won’t forget,
Wish I could go back too that day,
We kissed and the next day I kept you away
You said to me in bed in the morning
Never lie to me,
You cuddled into me but after this,
I never gave chase and missed the love I saw in your eyes and face
Must’ve felt to you like I didn’t want you so I kept u at bay
But I did, I do, and I always will want you
You have to understand though back then my head was all over the place
And now I’m stuck in this zone, my love for you takes up all the space
I suppose, I Guess, It’s my price to pay to watch u make another man happy
And I'm left with the words 'I’m happy for you' being all I can say
But just know this until my dying day
Or the day our friendship is laid to rest
I won’t ever stop loving you
And I couldn’t hurt or lie to you
And this isn’t fake bulls**t
Or something said in jest just to sound blessed to impress
For you and only you could be my empress
And if you where here you would see the truth in my face
You cast a spell on me and didn’t know, my hearts enchantress
There’s no one more beautiful or important then you so,
I regret they day I let u slip through my fingers, my best friend temptress

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