RL (01-10-1987 / California)


Enticing eyes to lure you into her ambiance
Captivated your soul to synthetically beautiful surrender
The first mere steps to her triumphed entrapment
Battered eyelashes and lively composition around her ogle to decoy your submission

Her lips perfectly shaped, colored with allured intentions
Those perfect lips which trembled and murmured enjoyed blasphemy when you kiss her
While her body moved to inveigle your body to crumble
Teasing and taunting for you to enter her web
Her hands move to your forbidden legroom that makes you feel the hunger
You want to hinder her touch, but her lustiness is making you weaker
Mentally trying to shun away from her spell
Physically recline, but cannot emotionally decline
You bestowed. The structure that made you stand tall is now her.

She then begins her deception…
Her sweet fabrication starts dripping, like sweet nectar from a temptress’s lips
Wicked is her way, and vicious are her lies
Words so devilishly sweet…
Those once sweet words now are full of hate
Teeth like daggers to feed on her prey
Souls of men now lined up like appetizers on her dinner plate
Continuously luring, one victim after the next
Like a black widow watching you slowly succumb to death
No way to escape-caught in web like a fly, only choice is to die
Over and over again, she hoaxed and impaired her preys…
Broken repeatedly, yet men still fancy and desire this evil aspiration
Kaput to the point of bereavement…still imprisoned under her hex
Yet they do not run away…willingly, whole-heartily, they endured her persecution.
The power of a temptress…

*Richina Lee*
June 1,2009

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