Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments seared in stone,
Moses climbed that mountain alone,
He followed his visions knowing his fate,
He believed in God and Heavens Gate.
He believed in something bigger than man,
Moses knew that God had a plan,
So these tablets were handed down,
From his generation to present day now.
Man verses man on moral issues,
It’s all played out in judicial venues,
The Ten Commandments is at the heart,
Tearing the church and state apart,
The Ten Commandments have been ingrained,
And from the beginning there was no shame,
No harm has come from knowing these Ten,
They deterred crime by naming the sin,
They made a people ~ They made a town,
They made a country ~ They made the rounds,
The Ten Commandments are the strength of man,
They are the foundation on which to stand,
There is no harm in words that are good,
From God ~ To Moses ~ To All Manhood.

by JerriFaye Thomason

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