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Ten Thousand Women
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Ten Thousand Women

Poem By Bill Simmons

I was going out with the boys
The boat was loaded with our fishing toys
My baby steps out, slips her high heels on
She is going to town says I'm coming along

I say, Now honey, honey now please
I've been planning this trip at least for a week
She says, I don't care, now get in the car
With a few choice words she chews on my heart

I say, Now honey, you don't have to be cruel
You the light of my life, you know I love you
So I get in the car and we are on our way
She turns and smiles and says, New Mall opens today!

I thought to myself, Man, I got to get out!
If we get to that Mall there will be no fishing now!
I guess I hesitated, I waited to late
Next thing you know we were at the front gate

All across the parking lot the place was full
Every woman in town had showed up too
I said, Now honey, but she smiles and grins
Grabs me by the hand starts dragging me in

You ever hear ten thousand women in one Mall
You can talk all you want it won't matter at all
No I didn't go fishing still despite it all
I'm still stuck here and lost in this stupid Mall!

Copyright 2005 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar@aol.com

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