Tenacity Is The Father Of Invention!

The empty page stared back at me devoid of expectation!
It held no hope, no ecstasy, no present inspiration!
Like snow it froze my very soul as if love never lived...
As if the Lord had no control to offer me this gift!
The gift of thoughts and wondrous words can conquer every doubt!
That’s why, as men, we fly like birds in planes that dart about!
It’s why we dive, like whales below, in silver submarines!
It’s why we strive to learn and know and why we make machines!
It’s why we walked upon the moon and then used all our wisdom
To go, by probes, past this balloon to cross our solar system!
Mankind, inspired, will not cease from universal quest!
He spurns contentment, even peace, for he must do his best!
So, empty page, I spurn your spite! No writer’s block have I!
Behold this poem that I write inspired by your sigh!

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