(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Tender, Anyone

Asking for language tenders and the tender committee
send requests to catering companies - brilliant - police,
security companies, sports teams, strip clubs; anyone
free to enter any tender to translate, edit or interpret

Whether anyone knows a language or not, irrelevant;
tenders awarded on a democratic basis, cheapest and
first come first serve, it is so much fun and bureaucracy
becomes a haven for criminals inventing amazing ways

To exploit a system joyously hilarious in its simplicity -
throwing open tenders without impeding and irritating
conditions such as ability: tenders anyone, tender and
make a fast buck, subcontract and do not pay workers

If the unpaid subcontracted experts leave, use others,
this can continue indefinitely; tender, anyone - join in
the fun- funds to be shared amongst vagabonds and
every job in government is filled by the incompetent

Who receive a high salary to invite tenders from who-
ever wants to make money by subcontracting to the
experts who won't get paid and will be replaced by
other incompetents to be replaced over and over

Until another devious mind comes up with a masterful
new scheme, as long as government survives in the
interim until we end up like the Congo, government
employees not paid, left to take care of themselves

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