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Tender Hearts
MT (28/10/70 / Staffordshire, England)

Tender Hearts

How can our tender hearts
Bear so much pain
Why are we able
To always love again?

The knife is twisted
Into my aching soul
Drawing out life's blood
Making me unwhole

I loved you to the very edge
Of sanity and beyond
Teetered on the precipice
You broke the bond

Did you doubt my love?
Did I fail the test?
I am always left wondering
If I was second best...

These wounds won't heal
I don't think they should
They will carry me through life
When my heart is like wood

Just know one thing
My friend I will always love you
My eyes hold the glittering prize
My soul is always true[/quote]

So the next time I see you
Will I turn away?
Will I pray for solitude
Hidden from the fray?

Most likely not my love
For your soul deeply touched mine
Your words lifted me up
Were nectar, were wine

Your honeyed tones won't leave me
Your passion was too strong
I will forever need you
Is that really so wrong?

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Comments (5)

Thanks guys.... this isn't one of my finest.. but my poems aren't written from a technical point of view (as I'm sure you can guess..) but they just were spurted from my heart when I was hurting. I had never written a poem before this time... but I am kinda thankful to the guy that hurt me.. Else I would never have reached into myself to fnd words and play with them...
No its not wrong to love, This poem comes across as a song, it flows effortlessly, awesome fine lines Love duncan X
A feeling to which many can relate, finely expressed. t x
Well Em, you know where I stand on this one! ! ! ! ! exquisite and by the way better than 'The Fray.! ' (avongal) hugs...
I am liking the language here, Michelle...You have established a poignant tone & decorum...Once again, you have displayed your keen sense of structure.The verse movement cascades as good poetry should...Solid Work. ~ F.J.R. ~