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Tender So Lately
( / Ashland, Kentucky)

Tender So Lately

Tender so lately she is coming to me;
Walking though the tall and flowing grass;
I hear her singing our song and it’s melody,
As I watch the return of my bonnie lass.
A happy man I am I must truly confess,
As I watch and see her coming unto me;
She is also wearing our favorite dress,
Just to keep my soul and my youth company.

The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing;
And it is such a beautiful summer day;
And now my excitement and anticipation is growing,
As through the tall grass my lass is coming my way.
I am so excited I just can't stand still,
As to me she approaches nearer and nearer,
Again soon I will hold her and she will be real,
As her voice and her are becoming much clearer.

What love has joined let no one destroy;
As was our love, against man's own wrath;
Love and feelings and desire is not a child’s toy,
I realize that now as she comes down the grassy path.
My bonnie sweet lassie from me did depart,
But, soon once again it will be just her and I,
I have waited for her with the beats of my heart,
I have counted the days like the stars in the sky.

I am so thankful for this one day;
As to the heavens in a prayer I do speak;
I have waited so long I continue to weep and pray,
As my soul and now my knees go weak.
Now she has finally arrived and I am holding her tight,
Tender so lately a warm breeze overhead does pass,
Through the tall grass she is in my embrace and my sight,
And now I am forever holding, my sweet bonnie lass.

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Very sweet poem. Well done.