Tender Thoughts And Feelings

I have the most tender thoughts
and feelings for you my sweet dear
because I treasure you in every way
and adore your precious heart sweet lady oh so brave.
I have great tenderness for you sweet love
and I hold you deeply in my heart.

Such tender feelings for a tender woman
with a kind and massive heart.
Yes you are a tough fighter who's made it through a lot
yet you've maintained a precious soul
with a beautiful tender heart I so admire.
You are a special lady from who I am inspired.
Such tender thoughts and feelings
for my only lady.

Tender thoughts and feelings
for a truly beautiful woman,
one whom deserves the very best and
I long so very much to be her man,
forever being kind and tender in every way.
Prove to her that sh'e my Queen
and truly my everything.
Tender thoughts and tender feelings
are all I have for her.
I love you Kira and my tenderness is yours.

by Michael P. McParland

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