Tender is the heart that keeps you warm all through the night
tender is the love that cares for you and treats you right
tender is the hope that eases pain and sets you free
tender is the tenderness that love's you tenderly

Tender is emotion, tender is so true
Tender is a feeling, tenders feeling too
Tender is a moment, tender is a prayer
Tender are the people, tender everywhere

Tender is the hand that touches you and wipes a tear
tender is the moment, tender is the fear
tender are the eyes that look at you and whisper love
tenderness beneath you, tenderness above,

tender is the mother who is cradling her child
tender are the parents who stop you running wild
tender is the sunshine, tender is the rain
tender is the freedom from the things that cause you pain.

by Charles M Moore

Comments (2)

Just lovely! Thank you for this. Esther : ]
A very tender write. very sweet Patricia