Let me hold you tenderly and make your troubles fade away this day.
Look into my eyes and see the love my heart holds for you that is true.

Hold my hand and feel its warmth as we take comfort in the security of our touch and the brush of our lips.

Let me whisper in your ear 'you were my greatest love, my one and only true love'.

When the whole world seemed to be against you, reflection will show that I was always there to offer my tender embrace and protection.

As we spooned and swooned under the covers, I feel surrounded by your love and compassion, that you never rationed.

We had a love that could never be diminished or taken from us, so hold me tenderly and feel the glow that will grow with every last fleeting moment.

Know that every life must come to an end, but love goes on for eternity.

As breath slips away from my mortal being, my love for you is spread throughout the universe and once again consolidated when we two souls meet again in the heavens above which is bestowed upon us by Gods love.

Hold my head tenderly, let me slip away this day and understand that I have nothing more to give or say as it all fades away.

I am not afraid and look forward to this day.

You will know my love, for it will always be there.

This I know, I must go as the darkness is calling from far away.

by John I Nash

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