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A universal language that has no words, no sound
Like the wind, can be felt but not seen
Has no taste to titillate the expectations of the senses
But with a tactile tingling lets the body know love is present

The first language a newborn understands from loving hands
Of the mother that cares caresses and gives it love.
After the first few days it knows that it is being loved
With responses each instinctively understands.

As language develops in our lives tenderness wanes,
Used when needed to soothe bumps, bruises and pains
Scrapes and scratches or ease an ego from cracks in the heart
Tenderness having the power to heal is present in the hands of the giver.

Caring and affection are the pillars that bolster its strength
Most fundamental way in which love is communicated
It can speak louder than words can ever say
No falsehoods or derisions can get in its way.

Love is delivered through a tactile touch.
When words or deeds don’t mean much
If a kiss is a physical display of love, tenderness is more so
Born of a need to express an emotional desire of ones heart

Tenderness is a language that cannot be misunderstood
How can you love another without touching gently, tenderly
Expressing true deep feelings toward the object of your affection
Its tactile reaction stimulated, arouses other senses

The most evocative physical contact that can stir one’s heart
By itself, is enough to cause the body to quicken and
Send pleasure throughout the consciousness of the receiver.
Tenderness is a sharing, caring; delivered through a simple loving touch.
A simple non verbal communication that says 'I Love you! '

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The most beautiful piece I have read all year! Absolutly stunning and so true. Touch is the universal lanuageof love not material gifts. Fantastic penning. Top marks and now a fav!