PIH (17/09/1987 / )


One to a side or maybe two,
Tennis players are very few.
But all those who play this game,
With their racquets achieve fame.

Learning tennis is not so tough,
But at first you may pant and puff.
Fitness is what this game demands,
If you ahve it, you can command.

Playing tennis gives loads of fun,
But it takes time to learn.
If you invest your time in tennis,
It will take you to Londan, Paris or Venice.

Losing a game is no big deal,
It turns your resolve into zeal.
So friends, heed my advice,
Make learning tennis your first choice.

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Comments (2)

wow thats amazing. i play tennis to. :)
you started young didnt you...and i think your recent poems are improving greatly...love...nalini