Tent And The Desert Horse

Sinhabahu (Sinha = Lion, Bahu = Hands) was father of Vijaya of Sri Lanka, the first Sinhalese King and king of Sinhapura.
According to the Mahavamsa's folklore (the chronicled history of Sri Lanka) , Sinhabahu's father was a lion and his mother a princess of Vanga. His hands and feet were like a lion's paws.
When Sinhabahu was sixteen, he escaped with his mother and sister, Sinhasivali, and arrived in the capital of Vanga. He later killed his father for a reward and was offered the throne of Vanga.
He refused the throne, instead founding the city of Sinhapura, in his native country of Lála. He lived there with Sinhasivali, whom he made his consort. They had thirty-two children, of whom Vijaya was the eldest and Sumitta the second.

This endless desert
In the awful night
An old bachelor
And a spinster
Looking for an Oasis
As they're thirsty.
How sad in the small tent
The travelling companion Camel has no place to rest?
Their different dialect when meets and he plays his loot
The taboos and barriers of the desert long last?

by nimal dunuhinga

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