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Tenuous And Precarious
Stevie Smith (20 September 1902 – 7 March 1971 / Kingston upon Hull)

Tenuous And Precarious

Tenuous and Precarious
Were my guardians,
Precarious and Tenuous,
Two Romans.

My father was Hazardous,
Dear old man,
Three Romans.

There was my brother Spurious,
Spurious Posthumous,
Spurious was Spurious,
Was four Romans.

My husband was Perfidious,
He was Perfidious
Five Romans.
Surreptitious, our son,
Was Surreptitious,
He was six Romans.

Our cat Tedious
Still lives,
Count not Tedious

My name is Finis,
Finis, Finis,
I am Finis,
Six, five, four, three, two,
One Roman,

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Comments (2)

Brilliantly humorous write! Very nicely done!
Clever, clever, clever. The purely intellectual side of me loves it adoremus