VW (17-04-1969 / India)

Terminal Bleed?

Cradle swings, in its own motion
Graveyard wind seems to have its spell.
Killings instincts, disgusted look
Pierce the heart accurately, derisive at sword.
Since the point of cord separation
Mother weeps to see her she-baby
Flash back reflects in lightening speed.

Remotest memory takes back
Where the stain stuck window
Not yet rusted not yet painted
Reminds painful peeps through
Glimpse of brothers freely flying
Muscular noises reaching sky high
Dearth of freedom, tears rolled down.

Plates were scrubbed watching those still eat
Mopped footprint of those who ran around
Watched those body builder’s movies
Read comics whose pictures already cut
Instructed how to sit, eat, sleep and at times to hide
Pushed to edge to be ready to send out
Tears on notebooks flushed the writings

Assets grew, itching insiders and out
At times brushed and taunted
Created vomiting sensation, no cure
Why only earth sheltered ‘Seetha’?
Fear gripped psyche, still tried to reach
Inferiority grabbed all opportunities
Still smiles erupt, lava swallowed inside.

Pursuit of love ends with those knots
Uprooted though confidence roots itself
Next only to know the devastating truth
Its all not tender, an engulf of hot iron.
Much pressure to penetrate roots beneath
An effort to settle, but becomes a battle
Cry with nostalgia, just to attract aversion.

Unfortunate, tears should flow, else
Behind themes, frozen tear cause cancer
Survival, social responsibility and sensibility
Brings pouring tears, an escape from disease.
Philosophy only helps, can’t change bias
She weeps incessant flow of tears not blood.
Still, do you prefer to call it a Terminal Bleed?

{ Females are more prone to situations which strike tears,
Due to nature's law, no one can change it.
At times its heartening to see those helpless cries
Interpreted as Terminal Bleed, a fatal end.
This poem is to say that - those tears are for survival
Its not a disease which take us to the extinction }


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by the way some body builder movies and comics are great fun! ! ! !
you speak of so many things through this poem ma'am.... and i feel you v written these words from your heart too.. in that sense this lines are very moving too ma'am.... deep and thought provoking indeed... arouses the reader's mind's eye to the full.. by the way i got your mail about you being busy these days.. hope to see you soon in PH With loves shan
Vidi, I feel for these situations and for those who are often unable to extricate themselves from it. Thanks for this poem, which is very well-written.
Very deep write, pure and yet sadness portrayed perfectly great piece '10' best wishes Jon
m touched deeply with this work..made us rethink of our conditions... y woman had to suffer so much.... as seconds....... very sad but then the truth cannot b denied.
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