(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Terrible Secret [r]

I had forgotten - I was Dr Jekyll - with a dark
and terrible secret: Mr Hyde lurks within me,
ready to pounce when I least expect, & when
he gets out with his Dionysian joy in creating
new and unheard-of things, changing worlds
into dreams, he writes creative texts that can
not be accepted in technical & legal contexts

Dr Jekyll's absolutely shattered when dealing
with the mess left - the headache - heartache
so unbearable, the humiliation of showing the
world my dark side: routine boredom leads to
tragic creativity injuring Jekyll's reputation as
a responsible member of society once again,
accusations threatening early assassination

Unable to account for the bold lines & strong
text changes, my Dr Jekyll can just helplessly
explain the black hole in his brain, wishing his
alternate selves were better behaved - kinder
& conventional, not creating problems for the
unsuspecting members of the long-suffering
language-practitioner fraternity…

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Dr. Jekyll seems like a nice guy. Very thought provoking. Dr Jekyll has a creative side - after all he created Mr. Hyde.