BJH (05/29/65 / Missouri)


Have you ever watched a rabbit when it knows it has been seen…
When the danger bells are sounding with alarm…
When he stops within that instant, and he hopes to disappear
Freezing, in that moment, locked within his fear

Or that deer caught in the headlights look, fleeing through his eyes
When arrested there in time he cannot breathe
Staring, yet unseeing, undetectable to self
His heart in shredded terror on his sleeve

When a petrified event is the juncture of his mind
Suspended from ability to think
Where his reason flown away, lays deserted in the quay
Drowning in a well of bilious ink

Overwhelmed and overstressed,
He is overcome with grief
Stationary, still, immobilized
Traumatized he cannot move, shocked by disbelief
And you watch his spirit shrivel up and die?

The helplessness is heartbreaking…

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Dear H, I appreciate your comments from the perspective that each person who reads, and each person who writes has their own unique blend of style and taste. I write from my heart about the experience of parenting two boys who have been stricken with mental illenss, and the devastating changes brought about in their lives and mine. I understand that you may not likely have a similar place in your life experience to find a place of empathy within my writing. It is sad to see that the majority of your comments I have read on my writing and others is extremely negative and derogatory. I am truly sorry that you feel the need to find worth in attacking others. May God bless you and bring you some peace. Betty Jo HiIger
Yes, I have but it would take a better poet to describe this. H