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Terror In America

Dedicated to the victims of the terrorist attacks in America on September 11,2001.

It was a bright and sunny day in U.S.A. just like any other.
But then...what was first thought to be human error,
turned out to be a hi-jacking terror.
They crashed into the World Trade Center, then it tumbled to the ground.
Now people search for family and loved ones all around.
It was beyond belief how this could be...
for New York to be attacked so easily.
The devastation was shocking.
The whole world was talking.
They crashed into the Pentagon and took more lives...
You can see their can hear their cries.
The lives that were lost, the tears that were shed,
'We're at war.' The President said.
They'll hold their heads up high, their flag will rise again.
They'll fight this war until the end. Those terrorists will never harm again.
The whole world was in sorrow...
but would fight back tomorrow,
and hang on to hope and continue their dreams,
because faith is never far away it seems.
When I kiss my kids goodnight, I see how lucky I am.
I thank God every day to hug them once again.
How and why could someone to this? To take another's life?
I only know when they must face God, they'll pay the sacrifice.
So hold on tight to each other and never let them go...
and tell them how much you love them so.
I send my thoughts and prayers, it might not be much,
But I'll be greatful if at least one heart it will touch.
What more could I give? What more could I say?
Except to be strong and have faith and cherish each day.

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