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Terror In The Fields.
AK (04 06 1987 / Bath UK)

Terror In The Fields.

I often dreamt there was a beast.
A beast lurking in the feild.
A human beast that didnt no how to be humane.
The only thing this beast knew was power of one thing.

The power of rape was what he knew.
As I played in the field.
My little playing place.
He was watching my every move.
Yes this is the perfect one shes all alone.

As I ran passed the trees.
He pounced on me.
Shut it or I'll kill you was what he said.
In that split second he raped me.
And I couldnt do a thing.

All I could do was lie there frozen to the spot.
I couldnt shout or scream.
I couldnt wriggle free.
Cos this wasnt the first time.

Now I cant play in my once happy place.
Its not the same its no longer safe.

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