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At another person I have stared
Of them or anyone else I am not scared,
They may be rumored to have a gun or a blade
But, to them or others, I will not be afraid.

With my pride and my honor I will not hide
Of you or him I will not ever be terrified,
And if they are a Muslim or an Hispanic
To them or anyone else, I will not ever panic.

I will not judge anyone by their race
Anyone can show hatred or a smile on their face,
And if they are a different religion or belief
They too have their own fears, and also grief.

If there is a Russian or a Jamaican
And if I meet them I will not be shaken,
From them or anyone else I will not run or hide
And I will not ever be self-conscious and petrified.

I will live my life being both happy and cheerful
Strangers that I meet I will not be fearful,
I will not be called yellow, or a coward, or a chicken
I will not live my life being terror-stricken.

I would rather be known as a pitiful bastard
Than the person who is no more than a cowardly dastard,
There is always one who seeks pity to be empowered
But, there is no pity for the coward.

Randy L. McClave

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