Terrorist Trilogy: (Iii) Who Are They?

Who are these terrorist-activists?
That network of high-tech brutes?
Living in total secrecy like a shadow
Carrying the hearts full of hatred
And minds absorbed in revengeful thoughts?
Only thing they envision is to kill the innocent
Becoming the despicable human bombs
And by killing and terrorizing countless souls
They hope to find their own salvation!

One would naturally wonder
How could anyone live with so much anger!
Day in and day out, year after year
Waiting to blast himself off with innocent others -
Folks caught in his rage for no fault at all
And parted from their loved ones by a tragic call
How could one deal with such insane acts?

These are the sadistic souls,
Who live a life of fear and anger all life long
Since they won’t seek help from the civil world
And won’t allow their sick minds to be revealed
Thus living in deep secrecy even among many
They live a life of despair and disharmony

Hatred thrives best in the heart of weak mind
Where frankness and high thoughts are hard to find
And nurtured in an ambiance of tortured setting
They become odd products of a closed cult indeed!

They are truly the adverse crop of an ignorant cult
Being raised to be used for a violent end
And their fates are affirmed by their sick mindset
Where nothing else prevail except cruelty to tend

They growing up in wrong values early in life
Mount up a great many inner conflicts
Castiing them as misfits outside their own cult
And turn them into a gang of sentimental sadists

The unfortunate fools become the vital tools
In the hands of few sinful soul
Winning over easily to reach their evil goals
Using afterlife-in-heaven type of mind control!
Raised like the robots by the wicked souls
For later use in reaching their sadistic goals!

These are the mean souls in a civil disguise
Who making their living in our free society
Yet plan to hurt us at their best opportunity!
So this sadistic minority is indeed
Dangerously unusual in today’s humanity, and
Must be held accountable to save our free society

These are the souls who want to change this world
Not by changing themselves
But changing the rest of us
And unable to cope with the liberty of modern society
They not only hold on to old bygone traditions
Also indoctrinate the weak ones to wicked end
Thus rob the weak of their basic human dignity!
Hence these sadistic souls are indeed
The worst enemies of our freedom-loving society
And must be held hard to save our humanity
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Phoenix, AZ; 11/1/2001

by Tushar Ray

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