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Terrors Of War- Aftermath

After the clash at early dawn,
Yells and screams all gone,
Only the sight of gloom remain,
When the smokescreen reveals the pain.

Bodies and guns lie everywhere,
And craters and blood pour here and there,
The scene so heavy to bear,
When the dead their blood we share.

Strong men fighting for their country,
How they sacrificed so valiantly,
Never giving in even an inch,
No matter the enemy, never to flinch.

They are heroes, they are patriots,
Soldiers to their compatriots,
But is it worth to losing,
Such men for senseless mourning?

Every war, every battle,
Only brought more agony and trouble,
No matter who is victorious,
The aftermath is never glorious…

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hey, im using this poem for my english assignment, i was wondering if you could possibly email me your name and a little bit about yourself. it would be appreciated.
Good series of Poems Alex, powerfully written and descriptive of the true horrors and waste of war. Thank you for sharing them they should be read out loud in every School, University and College so future generations understand all the horrors without having to live through them. A big 10 from, me all the best, David