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Terrors Of War- Mushroom Cloud

Nobody ever saw it coming,
Just when children are out playing,
A silent death came from above,
Robbing the souls of all the ones we love.

The seed of destruction spread its doom,
Annihilating anything that feels is gloom,
Their cries never to be heard,
Its flash left only remains of dirt.

When the cloud of demise lifts its veil,
Only hell can describe without fail,
The landscape painted with black death,
Left on the Earth a scar of memorable depth.

On that day, fateful and hated,
Souls and cities perished in hatred,
Till today, when the cloud is nowhere to be seen,
That moment forever to be felt,
such an unpleasant scene…

To those who lost their loved ones,
In Hiroshima and Nagasaki,
Please, accept my deepest condolences,
May their souls rest in eternal peace…

by the poet

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war is a terrible thing.