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Terrors Of War- Shellshock

Squeezing the trigger, charging the front,
All my senses feel so blunt,
When blasts and booms pierce the silence,
My mind goes blank amidst the violence.

I huffed and pounded my way to the trenches,
And hope I don’t go home in clutches,
The beat of my heart deafens my ear,
And my surroundings become unclear.

My head feels like bursting apart,
When that mortar hit us hard,
Landing my comrades to the ground,
Where fallen souls all laid down..

Still I stand in the battlefield,
With the love for my country as fuel,
My senses may be lost and numb,
But I’ll never let go off my gun.

Through the sleepless nights of war,
Shocked, stunned with face of mud and gore,
We who fight for people and country,
Never will we back down from our humble sentry

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