Tess Is

cluttered draws, messy cupboards
saucepans run a muck
piles of paper, books and string
cotton reels magazines
chocolate wrappers
lots of things.
Dust all over, big cobwebs
loads of shit under beds!
letters bills, old cornflakes
packets with post war dates!
Dog hairs, cat hairs
big fat fleas.
black trousers with dirty knees
floors that need blasting clean
paper rack cant be seen.
messy me, why cant i change
always trying to rearange.
so many thoughts, so many dreams
but fail to keep good order
No chance I'll ever change
just cannot be tidy.
Cluttered me cluttered mind
but underneath a warm heart find
does it matter that I'm messy?
nutty, forgetful, dizzy
puts the bread in the washing machine
washing powder in the fridge
leaves mobile phones on top of cars
forgets to put on lids.
Cluttered draws, messy cupboards
my mind it runs a muck!
So, I think I'll end here
As I have now got stuck!

by Tess Gurney

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