Test Drive

All the way down as the smoke pours out blue
This cold hard steel replaces my feelings of you.
Floating sideways all twisted and bent
I’m in control of this ride and ready to vent.

Slap it in two and the smoke starts to clear
Now sit back and relax and release all your fear.
My body is tingling and you just look pale
Let’s hope the brakes work and the tires don’t fail.

Pushed back hard like benching a house
My knuckles turn white, what a hell of a mouse.
I look to my right at eyes wide and black
You slowly discover the pedal still at the mat.

Looking ahead trees start to blur
Crossing your fingers, a look-out for fur.
Midnight run southbound thirty-three.
In the blink of an eye, my heart now feels free.

Four gears left to go and a whole lot of road
Adrenaline builds, as springs tighten their load.
Reality leaks in this cockpit of gall.
Overdrive bellows within, that’s not all!

Needles matched courage as we sigh in relief
Confirming mortality, pinched by disbelief.
Extremities accounted and clean shorts in affect,
How would you like it, cash, charge or check?

by Jack Dylan

Comments (2)

Nice to you see you can have some fun and enjoy this poetry thing. Really, who's the better driver?
A delightful read, the imagery grand. The comparrison to the ride, brillant! Well done Patricia Gale