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Tested By Fire
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Tested By Fire

I was tested by fire when I was a young boy
I believe my age I was either four or five
It burnt me, it scarred me, me it wanted to destroy
But I won that test of fire as I did survive,
I was told that I survived for a very special reason
But that reason was a secret held by GOD and not me
So I tried to understand it without any treason
Why was I burnt, why was I scarred, why did I suffer, why me,
Throughout my youth I carried those scars of mine
As some people carry with them a happy thought
Never did I complain or not once did I whine
As they were my badge for something special as I was taught,
No matter my pain and suffering someone somewhere as it worse
That is what had I learnt through my own ordeal
Some see it as a sadness and some see it as a curse
But I see it as a strengthening of the soul and the will,
Now I am grown and now I am a man
I still don’t know the reason that I was burnt in that fire
So I think was I really a part of GOD’S special plan
Or was I burnt because of the devils desire,
I light a match and now I might burn my finger
And when I do I look up at GOD with a special question
As the words my parents told me they still do linger
So GOD, I ask, “must I learn another lesson”.

Randy L. McClave

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