ALK ( / cape town, south africa)

Tested, Crashed Dummies..

I have already been what i'll never be again..
and in new found clarity i see a beginning in our end.
i pay homage to a time
between before and hence
-a merge of entities..
the possibility of an us
mistakenly left to chance..
i bid you farewell
and set my self free..

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Dear Adele le Keur, you wrote a well crafted poem. The phrase 'a beginning in our end' spreads the seed of hope. I give it a 9+. You are a talent. Enrich it. Give us more. You can go higher and higher. Joseph Josephides Member of the International Society of Poets (ISP) Int.Lib.Poetry awarded
I love the waythis flows,10/10
Offers hope to the hopeless. Ah beautiful thoughts, beautifully put.
Wonderful poem, so self contained, every comment I think to make on your subject seems to already be a part of the poem. Embrace your freedom :)