BG (03/15/1957 / New Jersey)

Testing God

Israel wandered for 40 years and died in the desert they had trod,
For after being delivered, ten different times they had tested God.

While Moses waited for God's deliverance, the people asked God why.
Was it because of no graves in Egypt we were brought out here to die?

They complained about the waters at Marah and God made them sweet,
Again they complained about water and again their needs God did meet.

Again they complained about dieing this time about starving to death,
God had Mercy again as He could have destroyed them in one breath.

When God gave them manna, they didn't listen to what Moses did say,
As they gathered more than allowed and gathered on the Sabbath Day.

Even when Moses went up on mountain for forty days on their behalf,
The people cried for a god to lead them and Aaron made a golden calf.

No longer were God's people in bondage in Egypt as mistreated slaves,
But God heard them complaining of hardships brought on by the change.

God had feed them manna each day, yet they began crave other food,
And because they longed for Egypt, God's Righteous wrath had ensued.

The last straw came when they refused to trust in God's Mighty Hand,
Many chose to return to Egypt instead of pursuing The Promised Land.

We're warned to learn from Israel, so not to go where they had trod,
As even today it's dreadful to fall into the hands of the living God.

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