Testosterone Depletion And Aging

Man’s Oligospermia depletion also refects his health and vitality.
Recently a TV chief queried experts at his table for such validity.
Even Rod Stewart’s wife had her say, clarifying their healthy way.
Ramsay’s approach to food makes his restaurant the best; hey.

Loss of sperm-count reveals loss of energy and sentimentality.
Either from a medical or sexual concern, men seek plausibility.
Researchers in Hungary now say that mobile phones can impair.
Men’s fertility has declined by 50% in industrial places unaware.

Yet it’s not just about sperm-count loss, there’s a bigger view.
It’s about healthy actions and obtaining quality awareness too.
I wonder about attitudes, their effects for life’s productivity.
Whether this relates to sex, each other, or even God, relatively.

Decline in testosterone are associated with increases in fat cells.
Such a decline of man’s overall wellbeing fosters wintry gales.
Energy loss implies the need for educating diets in excellence.
Conditions limit cognitive skills, family, and work relevance.

by ArmourQuill Hunter

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Let me answer, With an example. Best to stay off the bike, As another male is asked to take a hike. Seems his testosterone level Was way higher than the devil. And, just because he won the race, They say his testosterone must stay 'average' in the face Of test that show he had a more than his due Which may explain how he won. It's true. So now you may ask the question about why Some have more than you or I. Maybe it's the way of Nature showing that For evolution to progress, some must have more than just fat. More lean and muscle and bones to go Are what makes some males, more-so. Others addicted to the chair and tube Will find their sperm levels have bid adeau. So when you decide to blame others for your condition, Maybe you should get off your ass and get going!