(24 January 1961 / South Africa)

Tether My Free-Wheeling Mind

Finally finished reading The Valley
Of Fear - I freaked out, ran shouting
through the house: Sherlock Holmes
is the best, once again, history of early
America, Pinkerton Men, lawlessness,
Arthur Conan Doyle changing me into
a convert for law and order

Helped me to cross the border between
wishing for freedom and being responsible,
now I really have nothing else to read, to-
morrow I must go to the library or die in
agony and sorrow, being without mental
stimulation would turn me into the devil
himself, breathing fire and brimstone

A whirling dervish of impatience to get
my hands on something that will tether
my free-wheeling mind…

"Sherlock Holmes - The Complete Illustrated
Novels" - Reprinted in 1991 Reed International
Books Ltd.

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