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Tevin Wears Paper Shoes
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Tevin Wears Paper Shoes

got a reason for the dawn and
a reason for the dusk
got a promise on a 'maybe'
and a maybe on a 'must'
and one-third of the earth on standby
for the day I got it sussed.

eccentric in a heartblink
resolutely I Ching
when I say I'm gonna kill ya
I do it with a wink.

you gotta hand it to me
for my ever-ready duplicity.

I'm a talentless performer
yet, an agreeable fraud
hold no water with the devil
I'm at the bar with a lord
snaking in the visceral silence
imbibing the deafening sight

of Tevin on a bicycle

strangely yet deliberately
packing 'hero' in his studied walk
tucking 'idol' into his hat
stuffing 'shimee' in his countenance
living legend speech down pat.

'tho' no one gets whats Tevin says
'cos he always chats in breaths
and no one much believes a myth
that steps.

paper shoes are very well
until it comes to rain
when one winces in anticipation
of a disclaimer on one's name.

paper shoes don't make it
paper shoes don't make it
paper shoes don't make it
not like paper chaps.

paper chaps make it
paper chaps make it
but only on paper cowboys.

paper cowboys make it
but only with paper dolls.

whom even in the perfect shot
(directed by Orson Welles)
come off as morribund imposters.

questing on that one scene
hanging on that one line
that don't never get delivered
for fear
that even in the perfect shot
paper shoes won't make it.

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