(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Texas Conference

Bush and Blair sat in the Dunny,
there discussing how much money
they could milk from those Iraquis
Blair said 'if we dress in Khakis
they will think we are their friends.'
Bush who had been briefed by Walker,
Texas Ranger and smooth talker,
countered 'but we like those guys
when will they ever realise
that we will camp on foreign soil
to guard all of the country's oil.'
The dunny was a doubledecker,
left over from the outhouse wrecker,
so there were two adjacent holes
assigned their individual roles.
And as they sat there, reminiscing
and both of them had finished pissing
they heard the voice of the first Lady
she said that they had rigged a shady
and quiet spot, away from spies
also that those hot llama pies
had been delivered from the Ranch
by CIA from Langley Branch.
So Dubbya said 'you fancy cider? '
when Tony saw a blue-green spider
crawl out of 'Oilman Magazine',
we know that Poms are not too keen
to be explored when sitting nude
by a misguided Texas Dude.
So up he jumped, ran out the door
(Cherie had seen all this before) .
But George had taken his revolver
he was a real problem solver.
One shot, the spider was deceased
but Dubbya's shinbone had been creased.
And within seconds, you can guess
the dunny area was a mess.
The ninety boys from Secret Service
(who previously had been quite nervous)
were taking now apart the Dunny
and what they found was not too funny.
What they do fancy and to wit:
a situation full of it.

by Herbert Nehrlich

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I laughed long and hard when I read this one...apparently you struck a chord with someone...seeing how they gave you a one. I'll do one better, I give you a 10!