Texas Ranger

This Texas Ranger was an ess oh bee,
Shot every outlaw that he did see.
He was a Deputy and he came to town
Said, if I don't like your looks, I'll shoot you down.
He told the bad guys, Don't give me no lip
‘Cause I've got a Big Iron on my hip.
I've got it tied down with a leather thong
So don't try to do a thing that's wrong.
He could whip out that Colt faster than you ever saw,
It was what he called his lightning draw.
I've got to admit, he was really precocious,
You were dead before you could say
This Old Timer, He didn't give a hoot,
All he liked to do was shoot, shoot, shoot.
He was like Dirty Harry, in a way,
Before he killed you he'd say, Make my day!
Got the town cleaned up and got his fill,
Of killin' and was almost over the hill.
Time to retire and live on his glory,
And that's the end of this Ranger's story.

by George Hunter

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