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Than It Was Goodbye

ive try writing letters, i've try writing songs, i even try poetry to get you to stay
than i said to myself why, your still gonna go away
but deep down i've have to believe there a chance you won't leave,
and if you do can i say somthing before you go
a little something you might want to know
that your my light in the morning, your my star bright in the evening,
and your every prayer i have said, your every dream i dreamt
in my head, because your touch, your smile said it all
and when you knew i was down on that cold december night
you took the time to call, you took the time to listen, you took the time to answer,
than you said it will be all right, and that may me happy, that may me glad, and now i'm not down, and now i'm not sad, and now i'm not even pacing around i'm just sleeping so tight and leaving the front porch light on just in case you come to spend the night, because your everything to me, your my heart, your my soul, your the glue if ishould fall apart
and loose control, and with everything i have said means nothing to you because your bags are pack, your cab is waiting and i'm feeling blue,
because your ticket in your hand as you run for the door
and i know now your not coming back but before you go
are you really sure, because your smile, my touch, your kiss still mean so much, but still you go before i could say your be miss, now the cab been waiting and the meter she ticking away, so please just say goodbye and let me be on my way she said, yes i'll miss your jokes,
i'll miss your loving, i'll miss your caring, i'll miss your sharing, your kindness, your understanding, and most of all i'll miss your listening she said,
because when i was down, when i was sad, you were around, when i was lonely and feeling down you were my clown, when i was tearing, when i was fearing the worst you hung around, but now it's over so say goodbye, say so long just don't ask me why she said, now the cab and i are leaving and where not turning around she said, and than they turn the corner and than it was goodbye i said,

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