'Chocolate - Alcohol (Rev) 29/10/2009

My focus is gone, gone, gone, curry and
spice, a lovely dish, attacking my brain,
lethargy and fatigue drive me insane, can-
not concentrate at all, must find a way to
reach for well-being myself

The allergy makes me hostile and angry
feeling estranged and alienated; actually
wars are fought because of what we eat
we project our discomfort into anger and

Were I feeling well, I would have been loving
but I feel like biting off somebody’s head
shouting and screaming and throwing a
tantrum, were I a soldier I would have
emptied my gun on the enemy regard-
less of strategy

This headache is enough to set fire to the
building, three horrible days of suffering for
curry in a dish, this is why Leonard Cohen
sings so forlornly, why the Aztec and Maya
plucked beating hearts from living victims in
religious frenzies

The maize they ate drove them insane, anger
is still enclosed in maize, last time I ate it I
felt persecuted, the perfect food for creating
wars, maybe the Judeo-Palestinian conflict
is triggered by the Palestinian diet, what do
they mostly eat?

Maybe the dietary rules in the Old Testament were
to preserve the people from eating food that would
mess with their brains, the destruction of others was
probably based on a need to change mankind’s diet
I always knew food was man’s downfall, we can only
be saved by chocolate and alcohol!

http: //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maize
Maize was the staple food of the pre-Columbian
and Mesoamerican civilization; attaching religious
and spiritual importance to maize which formed the
Mesoamerican people’s identity – killers sacrificing
living humans. - Did the Aztec and Maya disappear

Allergy: Maize contains lipid transfer protein, an
undigestable protein which survives cooking and
is linked to an understudied allergy to maize in
humans causing skin rash, swelling and itching of
mucus membranes, asthma and headache.

Pellagra: When maize was introduced into other systems
it caused malnutrition. The surviving Americans soaked
maize in alkali-water, made with ashes or lime (calcium oxide)
which liberates the B-vitamin niacin, the lack of which causes
pellagra. This alkali process is called a Nahuatl (Aztec) name:

Pellagra also is a protein deficiency, resulting from lack of two
key amino acids in pre-modern maize, lysine and tryptophan.
Nixtamalisation increases lysine and tryptophan. Maize should
be balanced with beans and protein in meat.

by Margaret Alice

Comments (5)

I first read this poem when I was a student in high school, and I have loved it ever since. It taught me that death is a part of life and should not be feared. So many have passed before us, and we will simply join them. It is not the end, as your body becomes part of nature and simply transforms into something else.
This poem gives hope to the reader.(@michael bullington) It gives hope to the one who has lost or is losing someone to death, to the one who is afraid of death. It tells them that death is not the end. And it tells them that they will not be alone. Thou shalt lie down With patriarchs of the infant world - with kings, The powerful of the earth - the wise, the good, Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past, All in one mighty sepulchre.
I have always found this piece offers the reader two ways to approach his/her own death ('when that time comes to join that innumerable caravan') and then lets the reader decide. This explains why some find the piece inspiring while others see it as depressing. I also think that argument can be made that Bryant introduced modern poetry to the United States in this piece (yes, even before Whitman) while also becoming the 'father' of the Transcendentalist movement.
It's a shame that you really don't get it, Michael. You poor, poor soul.
This is written by a man who has no hope beyond the grave. Poor, poor soul indeed. Eloquent, but utterly hopeless. And to think that this is regarded as his great work!