Arr! Pirates

Ye Pirates! They commence forth
Swindling gold, swushing swords.
With skeletons' support masts
They arrive in Devil's red glory!

There's the Bootstrap, the curvy blade
Patch-eye cooks, Gold teeth brooks
They hate 'Parley'; They'll kill
And slew and, slit your pipes.

Terror unleashed, basks their wake
A staunch and beers accompany!
Red necks fear their wrath
Navy bucks blue before their swords

'Arr' they yell when pleased
Growls and a bark show fury
'Walk the plank' their game of joy
Like snakes twisting ye ol' frogs.

Death fleas before their fright
They heed none; they gore all
Ye pirates! you see one, you flee
'lest you want, a piece of ye damn hell!

(06-07-06, Eanikkara)

by David Blaine

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