Thank God


Thank God you can walk
Thank G-d you can talk
That G-d you can see
Thank G-d you can hear
Thank G-d you can feel
Thank G-d you can do thousands of ordinary things
So many other people cannot
Thank G-d you have never known a hungry day in your life
Thank G-d you have never been wounded in war
Thank G-d you never have had to kill anyone
Thank G-d you have lived only in free democratic countries
Thank G-d you have been able to say and write what you think
All your adult life
Thank G-d you have so many blessings you take for granted every day
Thank G-d you live in a time when there is real medicine
And are capable of being helped out of so many diseases people once inevitably and painfully died from
Thank G-d you have had a life and opportunity
And been able to do the work you wanted to
However you succeeded or not
Thank G-d you have been blessed with a family
Thank G-d you have known love in your life

Thank G-d and Thank G-d and Thank G-d again
And when those things come and that time comes
And they already have in various ways
When you feel you do not wish to thank G-d
But rather question and doubt G-d
Thank G-d when and if that time comes
When you ask for G-d ‘s help
And no longer receive it
Thank G-d still for the whole of your life
And balance that against the pain of your dying
Thank G-d all the way still
And die with that thank G-d on your lips.

by Shalom Freedman

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