My Christmas Wish

What I want for Christmas is something I can’t have.
But, here’s my list anyway. I’d like it to be heard.

I’d wish that people’s vision would be perfect
Instead of being blurred.
I’d wish that every child could
Have a place to sleep.
I’d wish they could be happy
And never have to weep.
I’d wish that people’s sicknesses
Could vanish with their pain.
I’d wish they could feel well again
And that it would remain.
I’d wish that people everywhere
Could always get along.
I’d wish that I could hear them sing
together in a song.
I’d wish for all the leaders
To open up their eyes,
Instead of being pompous,
That they could be wise.
I’d wish that every family
Would have enough to eat.
I’d wish the hunger that they feel
Could be felt by the elite.
I’d wish that all the giving
That good people do
Could be done by everyone,
That all this could come true.

These are my wishes for Christmas time this year.
For any of these to happen, sweet angels must appear.

by Edwina Reizer

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I stand in awe, humbly. Thank you.
I stand in awe, humbly.