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Thank God For All Gifts
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Thank God For All Gifts

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Thank God for all gifts.
And blessings given bestowed.
With a wish they be shared,
To allow prosperity to grow.
Although many are confused,
With beliefs what God gives...
Done abundantly,
Is for a few to keep selfishly...
To have them discover eventually,
What God 'giveth'...
God has no problem deciding,
When such gifts bestowed...
Should be taken 'awayeth',
From those refusing to comprehend...
Who created what to take it back.

'We lost everything we ever had.'

-Who gave them to you to get? -

No one gave us 'anything'.
Everything we had we worked for it.'

-What about God?
Your faith? -

Do you know how long it took us,
To get these things? '

I neither have the time,
Or the power to replace them.-

'No one does.'

-Maybe you should pray.-

And for what?
Everything we had lived for is gone.
Can't you see that? '

-Not only do I see it.
But I am sure I'm not listening,

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