AC (16 Nov 1953 / Jammu)

Thank God I Am A Woman

Im glad to be a woman,
thank god im not a man,
Im fine with my broom and a duster,
fine with a pot and a pan.

I can sizzle with clothes and makeup
I can burn with a come hither glance,
I can convey volumes with just one look
my feminity can send you into a trance.
I can nurture the kids you sire,
nature has given me that role,
and remember if you ever cheat on me,
you'll wish you could crawl into a hole

I look after your entire kith and kin,
I have your mother, with which to compete,
remember all those dates and occasions,
juggling endless jobs, is no mean feat.

when my family, is threatened, I am a tiger,
its me, that you have to face,
your every lie and misdemeanour, I can sense in a jiffy
I can read, every muscle of your face.

and still, when it comes to loving,
Youll never find a more loyal wife,
you honour your comittment to the union,
and there will never be cause, for strife.

I don't need to resort to liquor,
to drown a sorrow or two,
God has given me enough strength,
enough courage, and calm
makes you wonder which sex is stronger of the two?

I have enough tears for the two of us,
which I'm not afraid to show,
and even when my children, and you need comfort
remember its to me, that they go
Im glad to be a woman
thank God Im not a man,
but this is all in jest, ,
let your mind, be at rest,
don't scoff like a typical man.

In spite of all the facts, the statements above,
one is not complete without the other,
we can safely assume, after making a father,
God sat down to make, a mother.

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Comments (3)

God knew what He was doing when He created women! He didn't just create her for the continuance of the species. He knew man was too stupid to survive on his own! A ten.
wow! too good Arti, and yes, the way you ended it is so true! Preets
Nice poem.Well written. Ashish.