Thank You

With you beside me
Holding my hand in every step of the way
I feel so safe and secure
And i know that there is nothing i want more
Except for this wonderful blessing
That your presence had brought me

Thank you~
for each and every tear
that had fallen from my eyes
you're there to wipe them dry
and to remind me
that i should always try
because you will be by myside
and i will never be alone

Thank you~
for despite all the pain
that i had caused you
the endless troubles
that i put you through
the worries that my weak personality
had given you
you remain faithful
to the promise you've made
that you will take care of me

Thank you~
because you never given up on me
you listen to me, even if i kept
on whining about certain things
you smile when i almost lose hope
and that alone
had made me stronger
and forced me to keep
on holding on

Thank you~
for making me believe
in myself more
for reminding me that
life itself is beautiful
because someone like you

And so....
with my heart and with my soul
I want to let you know,
that i will be here
i'll hold your hand and wont let go
we will never be separated
not by distance nor time
we will always be together
even if forever is over

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