Thank You

thank you for being there
though in the begining it seemed i didn't care
i used to tell myself that i would never believe in another
but then you became just like a mother
i never knew what real love was
until the day u pulled me close and told me so
i've never known anyone like you
to tell me the real truth
wow how i admire you
i've walked aroud most of my life
in the dark just waiting to die
then you brought me back into light
it was so hard to understand
out of everyone, why grab my hand
you stood up for me
making sure the past wasn't made a repeat
i get that u love me
but i still find it hard, so why me
there is so much for me to thank you for
and i will again and again for ever more
again and again thank you
my life was spared just because of you...

by playdough person

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what a way to thank that person.... this was beautiful! ! !