CS (19-06-1969 / Adelaide - Australia)

Thank You

Thank you – is the word I give especially to you -

Thank you - for opening your arms and your heart –
For choosing to share your journey in life,
For giving your love, and commitment,
To a very special person,
My big brother.

Thank you - for loving him, complete with honesty, and trust -
The love that he feels from you, and all that he holds in his heart for you,
Is written in the smile he has worn since the day you met.

Thank you - for finding enough love within your heart,
To welcome James, and Aaron into your life.
Unconditional love and acceptance of this kind takes a very rare soul -
The soul of an angel.
Sharing their lives with you, and learning from you, will give each of them,
Some of your positive qualities, your morals and your softness,
For them to add to their character, and their already gentle nature.

Thank you - for being part of our sometimes very strange,
Generous and warm loving family.
For sharing with us your beautiful smiling face.
You have shown a tolerance and patience during times most others,
Would have screamed –
I admire these qualities in you – they are rare.

Thank you - for your support, when I did not need judgment.
When I was in a place that felt very cold, empty, and alone.
You were there, at the end of my bed, without question or doubt.
We hadn’t had the chance before to get to know each other very well,
Yet it was you that showed me unconditional acceptance, and loyalty.
This I will always remember – this meant more to me than you will ever know.

Thank you - for sharing the priceless gift that life has given to you - to cherish.
To nurture, to keep very safe, and warm - inside of you,
Where this little soul can now continue to grow.
One day very soon, we will get to meet your beautiful child.
This new life you hold – waits to begin a destiny that lay ahead.

Thank you - for all you have shared of your self, and your life.
I don’t have a lot to give, but want to show you thanks.
I want to give to you Jenny – a few things that are part of who I am
My true friendship - I give not only as words, but with all that it contains.
My loyalty - I give with complete honesty as my friend and as part of my family.
My unconditional support - I give to you, with my love for life.

February 2006

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