Thank You!

Two little words that mean so much, a courtesy expressed...
A chance you really ought to clutch: somebody's done their best!
Two little words that show you're pleased because somebody cared!
Somebody helped thus tensions eased when love itself was shared...

Two little words can change a life, acknowledging a debt:
When calm was brought to what was strife, or joy replaced regret!
Two little words so simply said and yet what hope they bring!
They seem to dissipate our dread and cause our hearts to sing!

Two little words, just two, no more! What practice is required?
Good manners help both rich and poor and so they're quite admired!
Two little words said with a smile can bless somebody's day -
They have a certain sense of style that time can't wear away!

Two little words as sweet as wine, like nectar to the bees!
Their sentiment is just divine, they open doors like keys!
Two little words that bless the Church, the office and the home -
So close to us, no need to search, because they never roam!

Two little words that even Christ was wise enough to speak!
Lord Jesus knows they're highly prized! Indeed, they're quite unique!
Two little words God likes to hear directed to His Throne!
Of all the words to volunteer, they're the greatest ever known...

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