Thank You All

No One Can hear Me Calling,
No One Understands My Pain,
You See These Eyes And Misjudge Me,
You See My Smiles Thinking Their Real,
If Only You Could See Inside Me,
If Only you Could Feel What I Feel,
These Tears Down my Cheek,
These Years That Went By,
Hard To Explain Who I am,
Hard To Tell You The Truth,
Wanting Happiness,
Wanting to Be Forgiven,
Hoping Ill Make It Through This,
Hoping I Will Survive,
What Is It You See,
What Can You Explain,
Im Impossible To Describe,
Im Just Me,
How Did I End Up Like This,
How Did My Life Be Like This,
What Stopped Me From Being Good,
What Stopped Me From Being Me,
Hold Up wait a Minute,
My Answers May be Impossible,
My Questions May Be Confusing,
But Not Me,
You Just Dont Know Me,
You Wont Forget Me,
If I Were Gone,
Would You Miss Me,
If I Was Lost,
Would You Come Find Me,
Can You Help My Pain,
Can You Teach Me Wrong From Right,
Will My Smiles Be Real,
Will My Tears Disappear,
Have You Not Heard Enough,
Have You Felt My Pain,
These I Can Answer,
No You Havent,
No You Cant Feel My Pain,
And I Know Why,
Its Because You Arent Me,
But To You I Say,
I Love You And Thank You,
For All The Help You Brought,
For All the Thanks You Gave,
And For Being There When I Need You

by Ashlee Pasowicz

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